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E-Kundali Professional 6.0

List Of Content


  • Astrological Particulars (Indian Western), Notable Factors, Ghata-Chakra, etc.
  • The longitudes, positions, dispositions of Planets; Lagna- Navamsh- Kundalis
  • The 12 Bhavas (House-Cusps Spans); Bhava-Kundali Bhava-Chalit Kundali
  • The Shodasha-Varga (16 Divisional) Charts [ with options for 10 or 7 or 6 Vargas ]
  • The positions of 'Sun'-based and 'Weekday'-based Upa-Grahas (as per 2 methods)
  • Panetary Karakas, Padas (of Grahas, Bhavas, Rashis), Various kinds of Aspects
  • Various Tara-Chakras: Sannadi, Nava-Tara, Tri-Nadi, Sthuna, Arkhas ( 4 , 8 )
  • Graha-Maitri: Naisargika Maitri, Tatkalika Maitri, Panchadha Maitri Chakras]
  • Determination of Shad-Bala*: Graha Bala, Ishta Phala, Kashta Phala, Bhava Bala
  • The Argala Chakras: Mukhya-, Gouna-, Virodha-, Vishesha- Argalas for planets
  • Sudarshan Chakra (for viewing Lagna-, Chandra-, and Surya- Kundalis at a glance)
  • Ashtakavarga: Bhinna Ashtakavarga of Planets, Lagna, Rahu; Sarva Ashtakavarga

Checking the Prospect of Education

  • Aptitude and Proficiency (from 2nd House)
  • Informal studies (from 3rd House)
  • Hand-writing (from 3rd House)
  • Special role of the Ascendant-lord
  • General Education - (from 4th-house)
  • Intelligence, memory, merit - (from 5th-house)
  • Application-oriented education - (Inter-relationship between the 4th-lord and the 5th-lord)
  • Application-oriented education - (Inter-relationship between the other angular- and trinal- lords)
  • Higher-/ Professional- education Research - (from 9th House)
  • Study of Occult subjects/ Mysteries/ Research - (from 12th House)
  • Deeper Studies/ Research/ Uncommon Pursuits - (from 8th House)
  • Prospect of Education and Areas of interest - (from Bhinnashtakavarga of Mercury)
  • Considerations from the Exchange of Planetary TERMS : For ascertaining inclinations and interest
  • Considerations from the 10th-house : For Acuired Knowledge, which can be utilized in profession
  • Considerations from the Divisional Chart Chaturvimshamsha : The quality- and extent- of education
  • Considerations from the total number of dots in Bhinnashtakavarga

Notable Features

  • 100% Accurate Calculations , Well designed work screens
  • 4 types of charts styles ( North Indian, South Indian, East Indian Sri lankan) , A lot of graphical interaface features
  • Longitude, Latitude database of more than 180,000 places
  • 10 types of ayanamsha , 6 types of House cusp


  • Tri-Pap Chakra observations from Tri-Ayudh Chakra (Rath Chakra, Ghurna Chakra Chapa Chakra)
  • All Aspects ( Parashari, Jaimini Tajaka )
  • Paddhati
  • Planetary Positions Disposition
  • Calculations of Sub, Sub-Sub Sub-Sub-Sub Lords of Houses and Planets
  • Various Kind of Dasha
  • Vimshottari Dasha (Traditional) upto 5 levels: Maha-Dasha, Antara-Dasha, Pratyantara-Dasha, Sooksha-Dasha,rana-Dasha
  • Vimshottari Dasha (Alternate) upto 3 levels: Maha-Dasha, Rashi-Bhukti, Kaksha-Antara
  • Tribhagi Dasha upto 3 levels: Maha-Dasha, Antara-Dasha, Pratyantara-Dasha
  • Dwadashottari Dasha (Alternate) upto 3 levels: Maha-Dasha, Rashi-Bhukti, Kaksha-Antara
  • Shodashottari Dasha (Alternate) upto 3 levels: Maha-Dasha, Rashi-Bhukti, Kaksha-Antara
  • Ashtottari Dasha (2 Methods): Aridradi Krittikadi
  • Shashti-Hayani Dasha
  • Yogini Dasha
  • at-Trimsha Dasha
  • Jaimini Chara Dasha (Neelkanta's Method)
  • Jaimini Chara Dasha (Method of RaghavaBhatta NrisimhaSuri)

Checking Prospect of Profession

  • Observations from K.C.D Jeeva-Rashi and Amsha-Rashi
  • Checking Prospect of Marriage , Checking Health Disease
  • Travels,Tours, Foreign Journey,Favorable Direction-Where toGo?

Marriage Matching Section

  • Planetary Positions Dispositions , Astrological Particulars
  • Ashta-koota agreement Gun-milan score (max. 36 points)
  • Dwadasha-koota agreement Gun-milan score (max. 50 points)
  • Dosha-Samyam ( or Balancing of Malefic Influences)

Varsha-Phala Section

  • Planetary Positions Dispositions , Astrological Particulars
  • Saham in Varshphal , Dwadash Varga Charts
  • Dashas applicable in Varshphala

Prediction Section

  • Important Predictions from Varshphala (Ashtak Chakra, Dhundhiraja Padhati, Varsheshwar and Muntha)
  • Applicable Tajika Yogas in Varshphala
  • Predictions from Varshphala Saham
  • Varsha-Phala Predictions from Mudda-Vimshottari Dasha
  • Varsha-Phala Predictions from Patyayini Dasha

General Predictions Section

  • Genaral Prediction - Physical Appearance, Mental Qualities, Notable Characteristics
  • Predictions from various astrological constatnt (Barahaspatya 'Samvatsara'(60 Jovian Years), Soura 'Ayan', 'Ritu'(Seasons), 'Masa' (Month), 'Paksha', Weekday, Birth in Day or Night, Surya-Sidhanta Yoga, Tithi, Karana, Nakshatra, Lagna, Hora, Drekkana, Pranapada, Gulika, Deha Rashi (= Body), 'Gana', 'Varna'.
  • Planetary Combinations (Yoga) Applicable in Kundali - Important Yogas: Dhana Yogas, Vitta Hani Yogas, Nabhasha Yogas, Anishta Yogas, Ravi Yogas, Chandra Yogas, Pancha Mahapurusha Yogas, Graha Malika Yogas, Arishta Yogas (Coverage of approx 750 Yogas)
  • Predictions of Planets situated in Various Signs and Houses
  • Planetary Placements Related Predictions (Western)
  • Gems Rudraksha recommendation for Planets
  • Specific Predictions (Research based predictions)
  • Various Parts of Body and their functions
  • Appearance, Physical Structure & Skin-Complexion
  • Cumulative effect of planets on skin-complexion
  • Estimating the possible bulk of the figure (when grown-up)
  • The Eyes & Eye-Sight , Estimating the possible height (when grown-up) , Estimating the possible skin-complexion
  • Teeth, Tongue & Speech , The Stomach & Digestion System
  • The Ears & Hearing , The Arms, Hands & Shoulders
  • The Heart & The Back , Thighs, Knees, Shanks, Feet & Toes
  • Generation, Circulation & Elimination System

Dasha Predictions Section

  • Vimshottari Dasha Prediction - Dasha, Antar Patyantar
  • Ashtottari Dasha Prediction , Yogini Dasha Prediction
  • Jaimini Chara Dasha (Method of RaghavaBhatta NrisimhaSuri)

Prediction Section

  • Kuja-Dosha (Manglik Blemish) its cancellation
  • Checking for presence of other obstructive factors
  • Compatibility results between two charts
  • Sympathy and antipathy between two charts

Various Dasha

  • Patyayini Dasha , Mudda-Vimshottari Dasha
  • Mudda-Yogini Dasha , Mudda-Shodashottari Dasha
  • Jaimini Chara Dasha- Varsha Phal

Contents of Transit Section

  • Transit Saturn (Sadhe-Sati) , Transit Jupiter
  • Sarva Graha Gochar , Viewing Transit from Ashtaka Varga

Various Tools

  • Baby Name Selector (Select baby names from 45000 baby names) , Birth day reminder.
  • All information of each Planets, Signs & Nakshtra in one place