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Vedic Astrology webApp

Astrological Particulars: Main Details, Avakahada Chakra & Ghatak Chakra

Planetary Positions & Dispositions: LagnaKundali, Moon Kundali, NavamshaKundali\n Planets (Retrogration, Combust etc) - Signs, Degrees, Speed, Sign Lord, Nakshtra (Charan), Nakshatra Lord, Navamsha Sign, Navamsha Lord\n Diginity- Exalted, Deblitated, Own Sign, Own Naksahtra etc.

BhavaSphutas And Kundali (BhavaKundali, Bhava- ChalitKundali)

ShodashVarga Charts: JanmaLagna Chart - D1, Hora Chart - D2, Drekkana Chart - D3, Chaturthamsha Chart - D4, Saptamamsha Chart - D7, Navamsha Chart - D9, Dashamamsha Chart - D10, Dwadashamamsha Chart - D12, Vimshamsha Chart - D20, Chaturvimshamsha Chart - D24, Saptvimshamsha Chart - D27, Trimshamsha Chart - D30, Khavedamsha Chart - D40, Akshvedamsha Chart - D45, Shashtiamsha Chart - D60

VimshottariDasha & AntarDasha

General And Mental Characteristics: General Characteristics, Physical Appearance, Qualities, Negative Traits, Special Characteristics, Profession, Benefic and malefic Planets, Important personalities belonging to various Ascendant

Annul Server Maintinance Charge (AMC) : 2500 Rs per year (applicable After one year complition)

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